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Golf athleticism

We offer movement assessments and rotational sports fitness training to help you become a more dynamic and efficient golfer.

Let’s evolve your fitness regimine

Improve your movement

Look better, feel better, and perform better. Enhance your strength across movement patterns, and improve how your body moves and functions.

Postural Stability

Proper posture is essential for golf performance, and is required to keep the club in its proper path consistently. With the correct posture, you can protect your spine and maximize your range of motion. Stability is also crucial for postural control and allows you to hold the proper positions for more dependable swing performance.


Strength Development

Research shows that strength training helps golfers get more distance on drives and iron shots. Another benefit of developing more strength is greater control of your muscles; improved neuromuscular function, and awareness of your body in space. Strength training also helps reduce sport-specific injuries to the arms, shoulders, and low back.


Swing Powerfully

Power training in golf builds off of a foundation of strength and facilitates a faster, stronger, and more explosive swing. Strength and power training are related, but power exercises are performed more dynamically, leading to more rotational force, power, velocity, lead arm speed/acceleration, and increased clubhead speed.



Why the Swing Athletic Approach?

Taking a systematic approach and screening your movement patterns allows us to coach and train you safer and faster. We can manage time and energy, so your training process has direct feedback, and you can more readily sense progress and forward momentum.

Once we determine your movement baseline, it allows us to create an organized training plan that is tailored and specific to your body’s needs. This method will significantly fast-track your fitness journey.


How do I start moving better?

If you want to improve your golf game or get better at any fitness pursuit, the first thing to do is to set some goals. This is something that everyone’s heard at some point – and it’s true – you can’t hit a target you can’t see.

With Swing Athletic, we determine the most effective route to your goals by doing targeted physical assessments and screens. This allows us to choose a clear starting point and outline the most critical areas to work on to improve execution in your golf game.

Although we use several assessments, we start by going through the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), which evaluates your movement patterns at the most fundamental level; and the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 1 Physical Screen, which assesses the various areas of your body that relate your ability to swing a golf club with an economy of motion.

We’ll create objectives based on your body’s functional movements, so you may easily develop a solid and flexible body, and achieve your goals.


Golf is a Power Sport

Our ultimate goal in strength and conditioning for golf is to increase your power. Once you have established a good foundation of strength, you can introduce speed to the movement pattern. The strength of the muscles allows the athlete to deliver force. How fast you can deliver that force in the right direction is power. Unlike strength, there is no limit to the power requirements of a rotational sport athlete.

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“Since training with Brian, I have actually just now begun to understand how my body is supposed to move, so that I can move more freely, whether in golf, everyday movement, or just walking down the street!”
John J., Palm Bay, FL
“The results have been pretty miraculous. The knot in my back is gone, my leg strength is coming back, I walk more relaxed, I’m becoming more flexible and I am back to playing golf throughout the week again.”
Jeff K., Sebastian, FL